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Current Graduate Students

Meydan Kaplan (PhD student)
Bio-acoustic modeling and fast integral equation solvers.

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Eden Elbaz (MSc. student)
Topic: Fast method for volume scattering analysis. Phenomenologically distinct components for efficient representations of impedance matrix blocks.

Dor Zvulun (MSc. student, TAU)
Topic: Generalized integral equation formulations for 3-D scattering problems (with Prof. Amir Boag)


Yossi Dahan (MSc. student)
Topic: Compressibility of factorized moment matrices for generalized integral equation formulations.

Dan Last (MSc. student)
Topic: Fast many-body problem solver for meta-material analysis and design.

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Naomi Haggai (MSc. student)
Topic: Fast hierarchical construction of algebraically compressed method of moments representations.

Open Positions

The BGU Computational Wave Theory Lab is looking for highly motivated and hard- working graduate level students (for Ph.D., M.Sc.), with strong interest in electromagnetics/ acoustics/ wave-theory, algorithms, and scientific computing. 


ECE/EE background with micro-waves as a major is preferable, but candidates from all science and engineering disciplines are encouraged to apply. Strong programming skills and Unix experience are advantageous. 

Please e-mail me also with inquiries regarding postdoctoral and undergraduate level projects


Meydan Kaplan (MSc. thesis : A fast solver for volume integral equations in bio-acoustics)

Gabriel Lasry (MSc. thesis: Analysis and manipulation of curved optical beams (with Prof. Timor Melamed)

Arkadi Shershavsky (MSc. thesis: Direct solution of scattering problems using generalized source integral equations. (with Prof. Amir Boag)

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