Current Graduate Students

Meydan Kaplan (MSc. student)

Fast integral equation solvers for high-fidelity modeling of acoustic wave interactions with the human body.

Gabriel Lasry (MSc. student)

EM field pattern synthesis for perturbed media via aperture field optimization.

(with Prof. Timor Melamed)

Arkadi Shershavsky (MSc. student, TAU)

Topic: Generalized source-based integral equations formulations and fast direct solvers. (with Prof. Amir Boag)

Open Positions

The BGU Computational Wave Theory Lab is looking for highly motivated and hard- working graduate level students (for Ph.D., M.Sc.), with strong interest in electromagnetics/ acoustics/ wave-theory, algorithms, and scientific computing. 


ECE/EE background with micro-waves as a major is preferable, but candidates from all science and engineering disciplines are encouraged to apply. Strong programming skills and Unix experience are advantageous. 

Please e-mail me also with inquiries regarding postdoctoral and undergraduate level projects